Welcome to our new website!

Exciting news from Cards Made Easy, your trusted source for exceptional print products and service! We're thrilled to unveil our brand-new website, carefully crafted to elevate your experience and offer remarkable savings.

What's New: in migrating to a new platform that has been designed specifically for streamlining the purchase of print we are able to offer a multitude of benefits, both at launch and going forward. It also offers us an array of efficiency improvements which has allowed us to pass these savings on to our valued customers in the form of lower prices.

As with any big change, there are challenges and compromises. Due to this we have not been able to get our full suite of products available for launch - although they will be added soon. Also, we will require all customers to sign up for new accounts - We understand this might require a little extra effort, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to improve your experience. See below for more information about how we can assist previous customers.

New Benefits

Seamless Exploration

Navigating through our intuitive design is smoother than ever. Find your desired products and explore new options effortlessly. We are also working to improve the look and usability on tablets, phones and other devices.

Cost-Effective & Tightly Integrated

By building our new site on our dedicated web2print platform we are able to streamline the process from order to press leading to improved turn-around times and a reduced cost to maintain - leading to cheaper prices for our customers.

Other Platform Advantages

  • Enhanced security - Our web2print platform receives regular testing to ensure customer data and transactions are kept secure.
  • Futureproof - Constantly being improved to meet ever-changing demands.
  • Stripe Payments - The embedded Stripe widget offers an improved payment experience which no-longer requires redirecting offsite.
Website Benefits for Streamlined Print Ordering

Artwork Tools

The way we hand artwork is changing, mainly to offer several new ways to make it easier for customers to order.

Automated Artwork Checking

We also now have access to online preflight tools to enable uploaded artwork to be checked and processed against the chosen specification. Immediate feedback is offered and simple fixes can be made automatically leading to more artwork going straight to print without waiting on manual checking/adjusting/proofing by the design team

Online Templates

These are now back after many years of absence. If you do not have a design in mind for your products you can browse our selection of templates, adjust the colours and fonts to suit you and fill in your details to produce your order.

A broad selection is available for business cards at launch and more templates will be added in the future, for both cards and other products.

Image Library

Upload images to your image library so you can easily re-use them on multiple products. Images can be cropped and resized to improve placement within the template.

Artwork Tools for Designing Print

Help for Existing Customers

As we have not migrated all the user accounts across to the new site we will be offering some help and assistance to customers wanting to place re-orders of items they have placed in the past.

Design Assistance

When placing an order you can use the design service option to inform our studio team to use previous artwork for this new order, either with or without changes - just as you used to.

To do this, please include the following in the design notes/instructions:

  • The order and item number to use as the artwork. e.g. 176031_1
  • The list of changes to be made (if any)

Order History Report

As you will not have access to the order history from the old site, we understand that this has some important information that you need when you want to place a re-order. Please email us and we will send you a document containing the previous order details.

Locate Previously Order History