Corporate & Bespoke Printing Services

A business over a certain size needs an easy and reliable way to order cards and other printed items for its staff. If you have well-defined templates and/or brand-styled customisable products that are repeatedly used for multiple orders then our corporate platform may be a good fit for you.

Web-to-Print Solutions

Whether your business employs 10 or 1000 people, our industry-defining web-to-print solution can be uniquely tailored to you.

Driven with award-winning technology and designed to make print ordering fast, easy and accurate, the Cards Made Easy web-to-print portal includes a bespoke personal catalogue so you have direct access to the products you need.

Browse through your personal catalogue of print items, change the content on each business card, letterhead, compliment slip, leaflet or flyer design as needed and see a live updated proof online. Flexible and effortless, it'll transform the way you manage print ordering forever.

Our approach is proven to help save time and money and guarantees consistency of corporate colours, layout and branding.

An example bespoke product catalogue

Editable Templates

Our templates can be built to perfectly match your brand's requirements. Either simple or more complex editing forms with a variety of features, including:

  • Fully editable text
  • Pre-set prefix or suffix options
  • Drop-down selections
  • User-profile driven text
  • Image libraries
  • Image uploads
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left fields
  • Automatic QR code generation
  • Text-entry rules & filtering
  • Scriptable functionality for more advanced requirements

To safeguard your brand consistency, adherence to design guidelines is ready built into the template, policing your changes for you and ensuring marketing synergy.

An example editable business card template

Preflighted Artwork

Uploadable products can accept artwork which will then be preflighted (checked) with industry-standard tools to ensure it matches the pre-defined specification and is ready for print. Any issues or warnings will be returned immediately so corrections can be made.

  • Check size and size, automatically adjusting if necessary
  • Check and warn about resolution issues
  • Scan for potential font issues
  • Root-out inconsistencies between on-screen preview and printed result
  • Check and/or set bleed if required

Once the checks have passed the file can be submitted to production immediately to ensure the finished product will be with you without delay.

Products with pre-defined artwork and specifications can also be added so these common items can be repeatedly ordered while ensuring they are the same everytime using previously submitted print-ready artwork.

Preflighting your artwork

Efficient and Tightly Controlled

Our simple, secure corporate print management and ordering portal has been designed to help you reduce costs. Your dedicated admin centre is built around our market-leading web-to-print technology, giving you 24/7 access to your corporate printing account, product selection, orders and data.

  • Create multiple accounts for your users
  • Access control to limit access to certain products, data or editable fields
  • Pre-assign profile data to populate products
  • Dataset-driven selections to ensure consistent data output
  • Custom Workflows to allow orders to be approved and/or edited by managers
  • Approved orders are made availble to prepress within minutes

These options allow your users to access the products they need, configure them as necessary and place orders quickly and easily while ensuring that your brand is protected.

No more colour issues, poor quality artwork or missed deadlines just efficient and tightly controlled corporate printing spend.

Efficient and controlled print workflow

Tailored for your Company

Cards Made Easy knows that each company is unique. You are unlike any competitor in your field or business of your size. We know that the key to successful web-to-print services is facilitating this diversity, which is why we never adopt a one size fits all approach.

Our consultants will guide your through defining and understanding your corporate print requirements, running the project with a close eye on your requirements and bottom line to ensure the web-to-print system delivers. Our experience in developing successful corporate online print services ensures the outcome will fit your needs exactly.

  • Bespoke-branded portal
  • Products pre-configured to your exact print specifications
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Embedded catalogues/products
  • XML-based purchase order and invoicing options

With thousands of development hours, driven and directed by the needs of our customers, the result is a web-to-print service that will re-define the way you manage your company's printing needs.

Tailoring the platform to your company

Our Industry Expertise

Cards Made Easy corporate printing and business printing solutions are scaled to suit all types and sizes of industries, for example:

  • Multi-nationals
  • Retailers
  • Travel & Estate Agencies
  • Cottage Industries
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Healthcare & Beauty
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Financial & Legal Sectors

Our diverse customer base can lay testament to our breadth of experience and printing know how.

Leverage the same platform used by all these industries to simplify and streamline your print-purchasing process.

Our Industry Expertise

So, if you are a larger company that is looking for a print platform to simplify your print purchasing or a smaller company that regularly orders print products with a custom/bespoke print specification(s) we can help you.

Please get in contact to find out more about our corporate online platform and our other bespoke printing services.